Sunday, July 09, 2006



Thank you for asking about my situation as a columnist at openDemocracy. It has been gratifying to hear from so many readers, from places such as Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, France, Northern Ireland, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, and more.

I am sad to report that the people at openDemocracy, for inexplicable reasons, have terminated our relationship and hence my column. It was a rather precipitate decision, following closely on the heels of the columns on Ireland in which I had a little public disagreement with an economist from the Economist.

I was particularly saddened because I thought I had a good relationship with openDemocracy and believed in its stated mission, which supposedly is all about "open and fair dialogue." I may post the correspondence I had with one of the editors there; I have not received the courtesy of a reply to my last letter to the top editor (which was sent in late May).

I decided to start this blog at the behest of several of you; I will populate it primarily with postings on issues I'm most actively involved with:
  • my Iraqi friends and their increasingly horrific lives (I thought a year ago it couldn't get much worse, but alas, it has, and they are barely keeping alive at this point);
  • the Burmese freedom activists who are trying to get the world community to act against the tyrannical military regime, which is now apparently threatening the life of Aung San Suu Kyi;
  • sustainability efforts;
  • water privatization, locally and globally;
  • TheocracyWatch issues -- fighting dominionism in US government;
  • keeping corporations in check by reclaiming sovereignty of, by, and for the people, in the DemocracySchool model;
  • theatrical productions;
  • and who knows . . .

Thanks for visiting. I hope to hear from you. Please post comments!



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Moskovi said...

Do you believe "Andy's" story of being able to return to his "bombed" house and recover all those papers? if the rubbles were still there uncleaned,then his father and brother's bodies should been still there decaying.
If not, then every thing in that allegedly bombed house should have been lifted of in a previous time.

Pouring tears for such traitors like "Andy" who let down his people and served the occupiers for a bunch of dirty Dollars
is a total hypocrisy when in the same time you allegedly "condemn"
the occupation and all the unbelievable atrocities and destruction it brought to Iraq and
the rest of it's honest Iraqis who don't find thing to eat or shelter only because they refused to play stooges as your friend did.

When he joined the occupiers he was well aware of what's waiting him
as every Iraqi does, let him spend the "dear" Dollars he earned to relocate
himself in Syria or anywhere he feels safe without bring more burden
to your already suffering people who don't have any thing to do with your
Zionist foolish administration's acts.

Those same occupiers you criticize could not find a "shred" of
ground to stand on without such traitors who're cropping what
their own hands did cultivate.

Local traitors are much more dangerous to their homeland than
foreign colonialism/imperialism/invaders.

Read your own near history and that of Europe.

A nationalist Iraqi
Noble Baghdad-Iraq